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10 Great Ideas For Remodeling Your Small Bathroom In Santa Clara

house10 Great Ideas For Remodeling Your Small Bathroom In Santa Clara

Learn The Different Ways You Can Remodel Your Bathroom To Make It Look Bigger

Looking for small bathroom ideas that will make the entire space seem larger? A lack of square footage, limited natural light, and the number of fixtures to squeeze in make a small bathroom one of the most challenging spaces to remodel.

But if done right, the entire room can appear brighter and more spacious. And no, you won’t have to spend a million bucks to remodel such a bathroom.

These small bathroom ideas go beyond making the most of available space and prove that bold design elements can be at home in even the smallest of rooms.

Here are the best ways to make small (sometimes windowless) bathrooms less cramped and more enjoyable. Your small bathroom may just be your next favorite room.

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1) Use a clever layout design to make a smaller bathroom feel bigger
Considering upgrading a half bathroom or a smaller master bathroom? Moving walls is a great way to add more space, but it’s not always the most practical solution.

Simply rethinking the design and layout of a small bathroom during a home remodel is an effective way to make the space feel more spacious. Read on for some of our favorite strategies and tricks to get the most out of a small bathroom.

2. Keep your colors light and bright
A soft mint green color reflects natural light from the window. The space surrounding the freestanding bathtub makes the room feel more open, as does the lightweight curtain fabric, which lets in maximum light.

3. Try a walk-in shower
Bathtubs take up a lot of room, both physically and visually. Replacing the bathtub with a walk-in shower allows you to reclaim space both ways. In many cases, you can also downsize your walk-in shower at the same time.

The average bathtub is about 5 feet long by 2.5 feet wide. Downscaling to a 4-foot shower gives you back 2-3 square feet of floor space, which can make a big difference in small bathrooms!

4. Choose glass shower doors
For walk-in showers and shower/tub combos, ditching shower curtains helps open up your small bathroom even more.

Shower curtains create a wall within an already small space, but glass shower doors reduce that effect and let more light into the space. Choose from clear or textured glass shower doors based on your style preferences and privacy needs.

5. Consider your sink configuration
When it comes to redesigning small bathrooms, bathroom sinks can be a double-edged sword. Vanity cabinets offer excellent storage but take up a lot of space. Space-saving pedestal sinks take up less space but have little to no storage space.

Your best option depends on how many square feet you have and what your other storage options are. Do you have a linen closet in the bathroom or close by? If so, a pedestal sink could allow you to free up some space on your bathroom floor.

6. Keep the floor clear
If you choose a vanity, look for furniture-style designs. These have feet that raise the cabinet off the floor to create the illusion of more space. Wall-mounted vanities offer even more space by placing the cabinet on the wall.

Keep in mind that if your current bathroom flooring doesn’t continue under your cabinets, you may need to update your flooring to achieve these sleek, space-friendly looks.

7. Add mirrors and medicine cabinets
Mirrors are great for reflecting more light and making small bathrooms feel brighter. Mirrored medicine cabinets have the added benefit of offering storage space as well.

Use mirrored medicine cabinets in your small bathroom to maximize vertical storage space and light reflection. Most of these can be built into the wall so the extra storage doesn’t stick out into the space.

8. Add a splash of color
You should not settle for the absence of any color or personality. You can infuse color into the bathroom by using colorful accessories.

Bold red towels and a soap dispenser in a matching hue will energize a small bathroom without overwhelming it.

A patterned rug adds texture and color to the floor. If you get tired of the look of your bathroom in the future, this color strategy makes it easy to update: all you have to do is change your textiles and accessories to create a completely new look.

9. Create the illusion of height
Visually raising the bathroom ceiling will make the entire room feel larger and is not a difficult illusion to pull off.

For starters, it’s a good idea to replace the large crown molding with a narrower crown molding painted to match the ceiling, because heavy, dark crown molding will dominate a small room.

You can also reconsider the light fixtures in the room. A hanging ceiling fixture emphasizes the smallness of a room, so replace it with recessed lights for a cleaner look.

Do you need extras? Wall sconces that direct light upward blurs the line between wall and ceiling, almost as if the ceiling has receded. This will make the bathroom appear larger.

10. Pocket doors
The standard bathroom door swings inward, cutting off the usable floor space behind it. After all, you can’t fit practical storage next to the door if it prevents the door from opening wide enough to allow entry.

While installing a pocket door requires reframing the wall to create a skinny gap for the door to slide into, this change doesn’t take more than a few inches of space from the adjoining room.

If you’re redesigning a master bathroom, you may also install a pocket door with a frosted privacy glass panel to visually open up the space even more.

If remodeling small bathrooms are not your forte, Done Right Home Remodeling can help you! Our bathroom remodeling expertise lies in helping you make the most of your space without changing the floor plan.

Contact Done Right Home Remodeling contractor for home remodeling services to schedule a consultation. Give us a call.


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