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The Best Salon Software 2023

TechThe Best Salon Software 2023

DIKIDI is a software platform designed to help beauty salons. Also, private beauty professionals manage their business operations more efficiently. The software includes a range of features. That includes scheduling, client management, marketing tools, and more.

With DIKIDI, beauty professionals can create and manage their appointment schedules, send automated reminders to clients, and even accept online bookings. The software also includes tools for managing client information. Some of the tools are contact details, appointment history, and treatment preferences.

Main functions of the DIKIDI software for beauty salons

Managing a customer base 

DIKIDI allows beauty salons to maintain a database of their clients, which include their personal information, contact details, appointment history, and preferences. 

Scheduling appointments

The software allows customers to schedule appointments online. And salons can view and manage their appointments through the system. This makes it easy to manage the salon’s schedule and avoid double bookings.

Online booking

DIKIDI offers an online booking system, which allows customers to schedule appointments at any time, from anywhere. This feature makes it convenient for customers and also saves time for the salon staff.

Automatic reminders

The software sends automated reminders to customers about upcoming appointments. It reduces the number of no-shows and ensures that the salon’s schedule is optimized.

Loyalty system

DIKIDI allows salons to set up a loyalty program. That rewards customers for their repeat business. This feature helps to build customer loyalty. And encourages customers to return to the salon.

Gift certificates

The software also offers the ability to sell gift certificates online. It can be a great way to attract new customers. And generate additional revenue.

Online tips

The software provides a feature. That allows customers to tip their service providers online. Which makes it easy for customers to show their appreciation for great service.

Finance Accounting 

The software also includes finance accounting features. These features allow salons to track their revenue, expenses, and profits. 


The software allows salons to manage their payroll, which includes tracking hours worked, calculating pay, and generating pay stubs for employees.


DIKIDI also integrates with other software systems.  As social media platforms and email marketing tools. These tools allow salons to streamline their operations and maximize their online presence.

Find more information about DIKIDI here

2  Plarise  

Plarise software for beauty salons is designed to help salons manage their day-to-day operations. And streamline the process for customers.

The software also allows salons to set up appointment scheduling. Which provides reminders and notifications to both customers and staff. It can be used to measure staff performance, too, helping manage employees’ paychecks and track hours. Additionally, it integrates with existing POS system, which is making it easy to process payments and track earnings.

Main functions of the Plarise software for beauty salons

Managing a customer base 

Plarise keeps track of its customer’s information. Such as their names, contact information, and service history. Also, to provide personalized service and offer promotions and deals to loyal customers.

Scheduling appointments

Plarise beauty salon schedules appointments for their customers, which is done through phone, email, or online booking systems.

Online booking

Plarise may offer an online booking system. That allows customers to make appointments at any time, from any device.

Automatic reminders

Plarise also sends automatic reminders to customers via email. And also, text messages to remind them of their upcoming appointments.

Loyalty system

Plarise has a loyalty system in place to reward repeat customers. Where discounts or special promotions are specially considered.

Gift certificates

Plarise may sell gift certificates. That can be redeemed for their services.

Online tips

Plarise beauty software provides a platform for customers to leave tips for their stylists or beauticians online.

Finance Accounting

Plarise may manage their finances. Such as revenue, expenses, and taxes, using accounting software.


The software allows and uses a payroll system, which manages their employees’ salaries and benefits.


The software may integrate its systems with other software or platforms. Such as social media, to market its services and reach more customers.

3 Glambook 

Glambook is a software system designed specifically for beauty salons. It is a cloud-based software system. That helps salon owners manage their business operations. These include appointment scheduling, customer management, and inventory tracking. 

With Glambook, salon owners can easily schedule appointments. And manage their employees’ schedules. The software also offers a customer management system. Which allows salon owners to keep track of customer details, preferences, and purchase history. 

Main functions of the Glambook software for beauty salons

Managing a customer base

It can be used to track customer information. Such as contact information and service history. That allows salon owners to personalize their services 

Scheduling appointments

The scheduling module of Glambook software helps streamline booking and appointment scheduling, allowing customers to make appointments online easily. 

Marketing tools

Glambook also provides marketing tools. That helps salons optimize their sales and attract new customers. These tools range from newsletters and email blasts to advertising campaigns.

Reporting tools

The software features powerful reporting tools, which enables salons to track performance. And analyze data and make informed decisions. 

Online payments

Glambook software is equipped with e-commerce capabilities, which allows salons to accept online payments. 

4 Klickbook

Klickbook is an all-in-one customer management solution. That provides beauty salons with a variety of analytics-driven tools. The tools allow them to quickly and accurately track customer activities and history. Also helping them increase productivity and make better decisions. The platform offers a range of features. That can help streamline appointment scheduling, customer management, and billing.

Klickbook also includes billing and payment tools, which can help businesses manage invoicing and payment processing. Beauty professionals can use the platform to send invoices. And accept payments, and can also generate reports on revenue and expenses.

Main functions of the Klickbook software for beauty salons

Managing a customer base

The software allows you to maintain a database of customer information.  Which are contact details, appointment history, and purchase history.

Scheduling appointments 

With Klickbook, you can schedule appointments for your clients with ease. Using an intuitive interface that allows you to view availability. And book appointments quickly.

Online booking

The software allows your customers to book appointments online. Using a simple booking form that can be accessed via your website or social media pages.

Automatic reminders

Klickbook sends automatic reminders to your clients, where before their scheduled appointments, reducing the risk of no-shows.

Loyalty system

The software includes a loyalty program. That rewards customers for repeat business, encouraging them to return. And also generate more revenue for your salon.

Gift certificates

Klickbook allows you to create and sell gift certificates for your services, which are making it easy for customers to purchase and redeem them.

Finance Accounting

The software helps you manage your finances. These include invoicing, payment processing, and expense tracking.


Klickbook also includes a payroll system. That allows you to manage your employee’s payroll, calculate taxes, and process payments.


The software integrates with a variety of other tools. Such as accounting software, email marketing platforms, and social media channels. 

5 Timeschedule 

Timeschedule software for beauty salons and private masters are essential for businesses in the beauty sector. The software helps to provide salon and independent master owners with more efficiency. And profitable means of managing their time, customers, and services. It eliminates the need for manual scheduling appointments and making appointments. Which helps businesses to run more effectively and with less stress.

Timeschedule software provides detailed customer histories. That gives beauty salons and private masters more information about their customers. And also, previous visits and preferences. This information can, in turn, be used to offer a more personalized and informed experience to customers. It helps to build strong relationships with employees and better serve their needs. 

Benefits of using Timeschedule software for beauty salons

Improved efficiency

Timeschedule software can help salon owners and staff to better manage their time and resources.  Reducing the risk of double-booking appointments and optimizing staff schedules Also. This can help to improve overall productivity and reduce wait times for customers.

Increased customer satisfaction

With Timeschedule software, customers can easily book and manage their appointments online. Also, through an app, providing them with greater convenience and flexibility. They can also receive automated reminders and notifications about their appointments. 

Better communication

Timeschedule software can facilitate better communication between salon owners, staff, and customers. Customers can easily communicate with salon staff to reschedule. And cancel appointments. Owners and staff can use the software to send personalized messages. And marketing promotions to their customers as well.

Business Insights

Timeschedule software can provide salon owners with valuable data and insights. Which is about their business. Which includes customer behavior and preferences. Peak appointment times, and revenue trends also. This can help them to make more informed decisions about staffing, pricing, and marketing strategies.

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