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Mermaid Dolls for the Bath

Art & craftsMermaid Dolls for the Bath

Best Mermaid Dolls for the Bath in 2022

Mermaids are my favorite, but there aren’t many mermaid bath dolls available. The first time I wrote this page, I found it difficult to find five mermaid dolls that were both fun and bath-safe. Mermaid dolls are all the rage, so how could doll makers miss that? I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks mermaid dolls should swim! At the very least, they should be designed for use in water.

I looked for a toy that would make the bedtime bath more enjoyable when my toddler-aged daughter suddenly stopped enjoying the bath. Blocks and squirt toys didn’t interest her, and she was too young to understand how to use soap markers or foam letters. Since she loved dolls, I decided to get a water-safe doll for her.

I found five sweethearts swimming in the pool. Water can flow through all of them, and they will drain appropriately when they take on water.

I think any of these lovely dolls would be perfect for bathtub time, but they have different features, so be sure to take a closer look at each one before deciding on one.

Top Dolls Picks:

Shimmer and Shine Magic Mermaid Doll

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Do you have a Shimmer and Shine fan in your family? A beautiful mermaid doll would be a wonderful gift. During an episode of the popular Nick Jr show, the Shimmer and Shine girls wish themselves into mermaids to play with their new mermaid friend. These lovely dolls have a lock of hair that changes color with warm water, and they make a great bath buddy. The toys come with a brush and a water strainer.

What’s Hot

There is nothing cuter than Shimmer and Shine Magic Mermaid Dolls. I like that the tail fins are made of fabric instead of hard plastic. The tail fins bend at the waist, which will make them easier to wear while pretending to swim. In addition, I appreciate the fact that they are manufactured by Fisher-Price because I find their toys to be consistently good quality.

What’s Not

This doll is suitable for the bath, but the head will soak up water and will take some time to drain. As a result, they’re a little shorter than your average Barbie, but that could actually work in their favor. Nobody likes big, clunky toys in the bath, do they?

Bottom Line

Shimmer and Shine Magic Mermaid dolls are great for bath time, but make sure to dry them thoroughly afterward.

Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll

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There’s a mermaid in this picture! A mermaid with a colorful light show coming right from her tail, and not just any mermaid. In addition to being safe for bath time, she was also built for it. Under water, her translucent tail sparkles like a rainbow. She has a lovely appearance. Her blonde hair is adorned with delicate pink strands. The doll is molded with all of her clothing and accessories, except for her tail fin and tiara. Her arms and neck articulate, and there is a button on her necklace that activates the light show.

What’s Hot

Upon activation, its tail lights up when it detects water. It can also be used outside of the tub. Those hairs! The pink streaks look great, and it holds up very well to bathwater. Little girls and parents alike adore Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid.

What’s Not

Even though batteries are included, they will need to be replaced if they run out. The batteries are not too expensive and easily replaced.

Bottom Line

The doll is a hit with children. She makes bath time a lot of fun. I mean, what better combination is there than turning Barbie into a bath-safe mermaid? There is none.

Toysmith Bathtime Mermaid Doll

Check Updated Price on Amazon

The Bathtime Mermaid doll from Toysmith is cute, has lots of hair, and is the perfect size for bath time. However, the recommended age range is 3+. Once the hair elastics and ribbon are removed, there are no small parts. You could probably get away with this mermaid bath doll if you want one for your toddler. Parents and caregivers have also used her as a teaching tool to help children overcome their fears of hair washing and bathing.

What’s Hot

Let’s face it – the most attractive part of this doll is her price. With that said, when comparing the price, it isn’t bad at all. A decent quality of hair will stand up to repeated dunkings, and the tail and bodice paint will not fade.

A hollow body and no holes make this doll ideal for parents who are worried about water and mold growth. Just be sure to thoroughly dry the hair and exterior after bathing the doll.

What’s Not

You may not be able to choose between pink and purple dolls unless you physically pick one up from the store. Online retailers seem to ship both colors at random.

You shouldn’t expect this doll to be of high quality, either. It’s cheap, which has its benefits but don’t expect it to last very long.

Bottom Line

As a ‘just because’ gift, or as a ‘I need a doll for the bath, that I can toss if need be’ gift, this doll would be perfect. Because of the quality, it probably isn’t the best choice for a special birthday or Christmas gift, but it would be great for a little girl whose parents don’t mind the idea of a throwaway doll.

Wee Water babies Mermaid Doll

Check Updated Price on Amazon

They really mean it when they put the “Wee” in “Wee Waterbabies.”. Only 6 inches long, these cute mermaids are much smaller than the regular-sized Waterbabies, but just as fun! The manufacturer recommends this doll for kids at least three years old, but I believe it would be a good bath doll for younger girls, primarily if they are supervised during bath time. To keep little ones interested, some swimming lessons use them.

What’s Hot

It is a perfect mermaid doll for the bath because water is already a significant component of the doll. Since she is prefilled with water and sealed during manufacturing, the water inside won’t leak or mould. With the water and the soft body, she feels a little more like a real baby, which is perfect for nurturing and pretend play.

What’s Not

They fit in the palm of my medium-sized adult hand, but I think the size is just right for children to wrap their little hands around. My only concern is that they are becoming increasingly difficult to find at a reasonable price.

Bottom Line

They are totally worth it if you can find them. A great bath toy, they are also a great all-around play toy for older toddlers and preschoolers. They’re squishy and huggable – what’s not to like?

Disney Princess Splash Surprise Ariel

Check Updated Price on Amazon

Fans of Little Mermaid will love Splash Surprise Ariel. The doll is designed for use in water, and she does it in style. This doll has legs and a mermaid tail encasing, but it is otherwise a standard doll. Her mermaid form is fun to play with in the bath, and when bathing is over, she can wear her dress and go for a walk with us landlubbers. Additionally, girls can shed their fins by using a technique. Ariel’s tail will fall off once she is lifted out of the water by the torso and her tail is filled with water.

What’s Hot

It’s a brilliant idea for those young Disney Princess fans who want to recreate their favourite story in the tub. I like that she has different outfits for play in the rain and in the sun. The creative storytelling and pretend play styles that Splash Surprise Ariel inspires are top notch.

What’s Not

Rinse off the doll and tail after bath time and allow them to dry separately. Perhaps this is to prevent mold and mildew from growing. The tail can also come apart easily, which may frustrate some younger children who do not understand how she’s meant to be handled.

Bottom Line

Despite the age recommendation for girls as young as three, I wouldn’t buy this for a child under the age of four. Splash Surprise Ariel will also be a hit at bath time.

Little Mermaid fans will love Splash Surprise Ariel. She is designed to be used in water, and she does it in style. In addition to having legs, the doll also has a mermaid tail encasing. It’s fun to play with her in her mermaid form in the bath, and when bath time is over, she can wear her fins to bed Dress and walk like us landlubbers. Girls can also use a technique to shed their fins when they are in the water. Girls can also use a technique to shed their fins when they are in the water.

What’s Hot

What a marvelous idea for young fans who want to recreate their favorite Disney Princess’ story while in the tub. Her wet and dry play outfits are different. Inspiring imaginative storytelling and pretend play styles are the hallmarks of Splash Surprise Ariel.

What’s Not

Rinse off the doll and tail after bath time and allow them to dry separately. Perhaps this is to prevent mold and mildew from growing. It’s also possible for the tail to fall apart easily, which may frustrate some younger children, who may not understand how to handle her.

Bottom Line

Even though the age recommendation is for girls as young as three, I would not buy this for a child younger than four. Otherwise, Splash Surprise Ariel will be a hit in the tub.

Nici Wonderland Minidebbie the Mermaid

Check Updated Price on Amazon

The fact that there is a plush doll designed to go in a bathtub surprised me. Since Minidebbie the Mermaid bath doll was that doll, I may have squealed when I first saw her. She’s made from materials that are perfectly safe for use in water, whether it’s in a bathtub or a pool.

What’s Hot

The Minidebbie’s fill is sponge-like and designed to quickly drain water. Since this material is antimicrobial, it prevents bacteria and mold from growing as long as it is allowed to dry completely between baths. As long as she is placed in an area with enough air circulation and not buried under a pile of other bath toys, she will dry very quickly.

However, because toys are often forgotten in the aftermath of bath time, it is possible that this adorable mermaid doll will be overlooked, causing her to begin to smell. If that’s the case, just run her through a wash and dry cycle with your towels, and she’ll smell just like new!

What’s Not

Although her age recommendation is two and up, I personally wouldn’t let a two-year-old bathe with this doll. This is not because I don’t think she’s safe enough, but because toddlers tend to throw toys out of the tub. Have you ever had a wet towel tossed at you?

Bottom Line

My favorite bath-safe plush mermaid doll is Minideben. Besides being adorable and cuddly, she is also machine washable and quick to dry.

Cleaning and Care of Mermaid Bath Dolls

I am most concerned about the cleanliness of any bath toy. Bath toys, including mermaid dolls, need to be cleaned properly after use. It is a good idea to clean them regularly and dry them thoroughly between uses. Mold and mildew love places with little air movement, such as buckets stacked on top of one another.

Can any doll be washed in the bath? Mold can’t be cleaned in the bath. Nevertheless, any of these mermaid bath dolls listed here are as safe as any other bath toy with proper care and regular cleaning.

Mermaid Bath Dolls and Child Development

Playing with dolls can be very therapeutic, according to experts. Children can work through fears of everyday activities, such as getting their hair washed, through them. The experience of washing the doll’s hair with a trustworthy toy friend can often alleviate fears a little, and sometimes just a little bit of courage is enough to empower a little girl to face her fears.

As well as pretend play, bath time can also be a form of pretend play. The mermaids swim about in an imaginary underwater world, occasionally leaving it to go on adventures on land. While mermaid bath dolls may seem like an ordinary bath time activity on the surface, their use stimulates imaginative and dramatic play, which contributes to the child’s social and linguistic development.

Small children can also learn about their physical world by playing with bath toys, such as mermaid dolls. Most importantly, they learn how toys float or sink, as well as the properties of water and how to manipulate it. Moreover, they learn that mermaids are swimmers if they exist in reality. Underwater, they observe how the doll’s hair flows, and how her powerful fins propel her around.

Conclusion – I Love Mermaid Dolls

My search for mermaid dolls suitable for bath time was guided by a few considerations. When I choose dolls to include on one of my lists, I follow a general set of criteria, such as how entertaining I think they will be. However, when you add bath water to the equation, other considerations, such as cleanliness and mold, become more important. You can use any of the mermaids in this list at bath time as long as you take reasonable precautions.

FAQs on Mermaid Dolls for the Bath

Q: How do I make sure bath dolls don’t get moldy?

A: After every bath, rinse each doll off and make sure any pieces that hold water are drained. After drying completely, reuse the doll. Wash frequently!

Q: Can I boil or microwave dolls to keep them mould-free?

A: You can even recommend it for some dolls. Some materials may melt if dolls are microwaved or boiled. Use at your own risk.

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