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Tips For Hiring a Plumber

houseTips For Hiring a Plumber

A homeowner should not take the decision to hire a plumber lightly. Water heaters, toilets, faucets, and water heaters are all important components of the home that are repaired by plumbers. Hiring an inexperienced or low-quality plumber can result in costly and dangerous repairs in the future.

Before you hire a plumber, consider these tips:

  1. Most states require plumbers to have a licence, although a few states, such as New York and Kansas, do not. Consider checking if the plumber has ever been charged with a formal complaint if your state doesn’t require licensing.
  2. Having insurance is a must for plumbers. They may also be required to be bonded in some cases. Accidents and injuries will be covered by insurance for both you and the plumber.
  3. How long has the plumber been in business? Ask the plumber how long he or she has been in business. It is likely that a larger company will have plumbers with years of experience, but you should still inquire. Being in business for several years is a good sign because it means the company has a proven track record of quality work.
  4. Plumbers will be able to give you an accurate estimate based on the work they need to do, assuming no other major problems occur. Get at least three estimates, and be cautious of any estimate that is much lower than the others. The plumber may be cutting corners or using inferior parts if the estimate is so low.
  5. All plumbers should provide a warranty on their work and parts. These warranties usually last for a year. Avoid plumbers who refuse to guarantee their work.
  6. You can and will get references from plumbers who have been in business for a while. If they don’t, look elsewhere. You can accurately assess the quality of a plumber’s work by talking with past customers.

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